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Bluemango Campsite & Cafe – Nelamangala

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White Feild Restobar
White Feild Restobar

Prestige Elysian

Prestige Elysian, The modern theme flawlessly executed creating a harmonious balance between style and functionality in 1117 sqft!
Step into the modern elegance of Prestige Elysian, where every detail is meticulously crafted to create a captivating living experience. As you enter the foyer, you’ll be greeted by a suspended shoe rack and a cozy seating area, adorned with laminated wall paneling and a bronze mirror panel that amplifies the space. The cleverly designed partition separates the Pooja unit from the shoe rack, ensuring privacy and functionality.

In the living area, a striking full-wall TV unit takes center stage, featuring a combination of wooden and marble texture laminate, as well as fluted panels. A tall open shelf and a sleek tinted glass flap add a touch of sophistication. The sofa wall is adorned with carefully curated photo frames, adding a personal touch to the space.

The dining area showcases a unique concept with bench seating accompanied by storage, seamlessly integrated with a stylish crockery unit. The L-shaped dining wall is adorned with brick cladding, adding a rustic yet contemporary charm. Adding a vibrant twist, a rich maroon shade has been introduced, elevating the overall aesthetic.

White Feild Restobar