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prestige lake ridge

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weadesign This is our 800 SFT 2BHK #homeinteriordesign project at @prestigelakeridge. Given the size of this apartment, we have used a modern interior design style that is slightly different from other projects that we have done for the same- sized apartments.

From our initial discussions with our client, we understood that they wanted a spacious interior with elegance and functionality. It wasn’t as simple as it sounds because it was important for us to include all the requirements our client wanted for this home without cluttering the space and losing the flow of the design.
The final design after a couple of design idea exchanges with our client turned out to be much better than what we started with. Especially with the kitchen design, we got all the storage that our client wanted in this area.
One of the main highlights of this home interior project is that the flooring of this home has played a major role in bringing in the aesthetics that our client was looking for.

We have used laminated wooden flooring from the foyer area to the bedroom walls i.e., it includes the foyer, living area, and dining area. Usually, we would say that it enhanced the aesthetics of this home but in this home, we would say that it definitely changed the entire look and feel of this beautiful #2BHK apartment.
According to our client, this home looks spacious, comfortable, and stunning with the flooring, living room sofa back wall, furniture, etc.

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